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'Mooch The Cotswolds' Story

‘Hello and a big welcome to Mooch the Cotswolds’
Why the name Mooch? Mooch signifies the art of aimlessly wandering, leisurely meandering through life, allowing yourself to truly see and appreciate the world.

What is the Mooch story? Founded in 2023, after many years in the making, Mooch was inspired by the incredible spirit of my dear Grandma and my love of travel. She was unique, one of a kind individual and a proud Yorkshire lass. In my Grandmother’s presence, every purchase was carefully considered, holding deep meaning and significance. The concept of slow fashion didn’t exist back then, but it was ingrained in her values. With her I learnt that indeed some things are worth waiting for, that patience and anticipation can lead to finding true treasures in life that can be passed down for generations. I love the concept of ‘fewer things and nicer things’, the concept of focusing your purchases on products that are durable, practical and made to last. Mooch brings you all this but so much more. My dream was to develop ‘something different’ coupled with sourcing world class artisans to help make the dream a reality. I am so proud to partner with the these truly great individuals to create Mooch.

What can we expect? I want to create a styling and brand that works for many, I want to cater for those that like me love prints but yearn to find something fun yet still sophisticated, that will stand out and be different without being excessively bold, embracing femininity but with a hint of attitude. I love that just one statement piece can completely transform a room or ones appearance, just as easily at it can create a talking point over dinner for hours, the power of the product is remarkable. There is so much opportunity for you to style Mooch your own way, with our simple but distinctive products and accessories. Designs will move season to season, the styling may change slightly, there may be new colours, patterns, ruffles or bows, but the one constant will always be every item is handmade to an exceptional quality.

Why choose Mooch? My passion for design, love for the enchanting Cotswolds, fascination with patterns, and a commitment to creating handmade, slow and sustainable products is the driving force behind the Mooch brand. There is no fast fashion in Mooch, it is a forever product, handmade in small quantities so you can feel both individual and special.

Every piece is inspired by the idyllic surroundings I call home, and I really hope you will love their timeless elegance as much as I enjoyed designing them.

Emma x